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Utkal Vinodchandra Mehta

Associate Professor

Engineering & Physics

Utkal Vinodchandra Mehta
Utkal Vinodchandra Mehta
Associate Professor
Engineering & Physics

Dr Utkal Mehta received his PhD from IIT Guwahati. He is a Senior IEEE Member and Secretary IEEE Fiji Subsection. He has over 20 years’ experience in both academic and research in industry and the various educational institutes. His expertise is in area of system identification, modeling and embedded devices. His current research focuses on process identification, control and applied fractional calculus for industrial engineering. His passion is also to develop low-cost educational devices or tools for Special Need Children. Dr Mehta received Vice-Chancellor’s Prize for Innovations (2016, 2017) and Faculty Teaching Excellence Award (2018).  Dr Mehta welcomes inquires regarding Masters/PhD studies and collaborative project grant applications.

Research Interests
System Identification, Process Control, Fractional Calculus applications in engineering.
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Year Type Title
2021 Journal Article Design and analysis of photovoltaic powered battery - operated computer vision - based multi - purpose smart farming robot
2021 Journal Article A single-step identification strategy for the coupled TITO process using fractional calculus
2021 Journal Article Generalized formulation to estimate the Supercapacitor’s R-C series impedance using fractional order model
2021 Journal Article Fractional - order two - input two - output process identification based on Haar operational matrix
2020 Journal Article Fractional analog scheme for efficient stabilization of a synchronous buck converter
2020 Journal Article Various analytical models for supercapacitors: a mathematical study
2020 Journal Article Parametric identification of nonlinear fractional Hammerstein models
2020 Journal Article Fractional impedance of supercapacitor: an extended investigation
2020 Journal Article Identification scheme for fractional Hammerstein Models with the delayed Haar Wavelet
2020 Journal Article Optimized fractional low and highpass filters of (1 + α) order on FPAA
2020 Conference Proceedings Fractional PI controller for Integrating Plants
2019 Journal Article A flexible dashboard panel system for electric vehicle
2019 Journal Article Flexible fractional supercapacitor model analyzed in time domain
2019 Journal Article Verification of data sparsification technique in smart grid communication
2019 Journal Article Fractional - order system modeling and its applications
2019 Conference Proceedings Supercapacitor parameter identification using Grey Wolf optimization and its comparison to conventional trust region reflection optimization
2018 Journal Article A novel approach of fractional-order time delay system modeling based on Haar wavelet
2018 Conference Proceedings Design of a Fractional Order PI (FOPI) for the speed control of a high-performance electrical drive with induction motor
2018 Conference Proceedings Practical test for closed - loop identification and control on Magnetic Levitation system: a fractional - order approach
2018 Conference Proceedings Fractional - order models of time delay systems using Walsh operational matrices
2017 Journal Article A Fuzzy Decision in Smart Fire and Home Security System
2017 Journal Article Fuzzy PD+I hybrid controller for load frequency control
2017 Journal Article Smart Path Guidance Mobile Aid for Visually Disabled Persons
2017 Journal Article Optimal fuzzy fractional PDμ plus I hybrid controller for power systems via WOA
2017 Journal Article Smith predictor with sliding mode control for processes with large dead times
2017 Journal Article A Low Cost Linear Force Feedback Control System for a Two-Fingered Parallel Configuration Gripper
2017 Journal Article Maze solving robot with automated obstacle avoidance
2017 Journal Article Digital Energy Monitor: Design, Simulations and Prototype
2017 Book Chapter Real time classification of American sign language for finger spelling purpose
2017 Book Chapter Fractional-order PI controller for Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor: A design based comparative study
2017 Book Chapter Simple FOPI tuning method for real - order time delay systems
2017 Other Braille slate to teach children with visual disabilities
2016 Other A mobile cane for the blind and visually impaired
2015 Journal Article Smith predictor based sliding mode control for a class of unstable processes
2015 Journal Article The constraint optimization approach for robust PID design in AVR system
2015 Journal Article Optimal autotuning of nonminimum phase processes under relay control
2015 Book Chapter Online frequency domain identification method for stable systems
2015 Conference Proceedings Designing of a mobile irrigation system
2015 Conference Proceedings Automatic PCB drilling machine
2015 Conference Proceedings A computer controlled positioning system for a turntable
2015 Conference Proceedings Development of an automated multi-level car parking system
2014 Journal Article Modelling of integrating processes with time delay using a relay response curve
2014 Journal Article Energy dispatch fuzzy model in hybrid power system
2014 Journal Article Stabilizing relay experiment for modeling of unstable processes with large time delay
2014 Journal Article Fuzzy energy distribution to a variable consumer load
2014 Journal Article Deformation study of sintered iron – carbon – silicon – copper steel compacts during cold forging
2014 Conference Proceedings Mechatronic design solution for fuel level monitoring using pressure sensor
2014 Conference Proceedings Design and development of low cost voice control smart home device in the South Pacific
2014 Creative Works Study of Transients in Grid Coupled Synchronous Generators
2014 Other Active fire hazard monitoring device
2013 Book Relay feedback process identification: exact analysis in time domain
2013 Conference Proceedings Fast fourier transform for estimating process frequency response
2013 Other Vehicle guidance and traffic control system
2012 Journal Article On-line relay test for automatic tuning of PI controllers for stable processes
2012 Conference Proceedings FPAA Based PI controller for DC servo position control system


Date Name Description
2019-07-18 Faculty Teaching Excellence Award FSTE- Excellence teaching award 2019
2018-11-15 Vice-Chancellor’s Prize for Innovation award 2018 Braille EyeSlate
2017-07-11 ANZ Pacific Innovation Challenge 2017 My supervised project Won the trophy with 1st position in the ANZ Pacific Innovation Challenge 2017, with theme ‘Pacific flavored hackathon’ between the local rival universities.
2016-11-11 Vice-Chancellor’s Prize for Innovation award 2015 USP Research Office - Annual Staff Award
2010-07-18 Young Scientist Award Prize International Travel Support (ITS) Grant from DST, Govt Of India, 2010
2009-07-01 PhD Felllowship QIP by Govt of India
1995-05-01 HighSchool Topper, IPCL Highest Scores in Science Y12